How Do You Know If You Are Buying a Louis Vuitton Imitation Designer Bag?

So there you were, innocently purchasing a bag out of the trunk of a car. Your “salesman” is friendly enough and he “guarantees” that your new Louis Vuitton is the real thing. You happily pay him the asking price, after all, it’s probably less than half of what you’d expect to pay at the LV shop downtown.

You drive straight home and after glancing at your new purchase a few times on your way there, you consider the possibility that you just bought a bag that may not have been quite as great a deal as you thought it was.

You look carefully and think you  Fake Designer Bags just spotted a loose thread and the material seems to be just a bit “off” somehow. Further inspection shows a tag with very small print and your heart starts to sink- “Made In Chine”. Now there is no doubt that you’ve been duped. You’ve just spent your hard earned money on a “genuine fake” Louis Vuitton.

Anyone who takes the time to follow a few simple guidelines can avoid a similar situation. Do your research, and inspect your new purchase carefully following the guidelines and you will not only have peace of mind knowing that you were not ripped off, but you will be keeping within the limits of the law as well.

Counterfeiting currently makes up five to seven percent of total worldwide trade, approximately 500 billion dollars. While it’s true that almost any famous brand is at risk for counterfeiting, one of the most commonly copied labels is Louis Vuitton.

So what do you look for when shopping for that great bargain, whether it’s online, through the classifieds or even a home party? First of all, you just can’t purchase a genuine designer bag at one of these “purse parties”. You should also keep in mind that there are a scant few websites that actually sell the real thing. With that in mind, here are some tell-tale signs that you are looking at a fake:

The authentic monogram should have irregular brown lines through the gold-colored letters, and flower pattern. If you suspect a fake, look for monograms that are a solid color. They may also look too green or orange.
Fake bags often come in styles and colors not available in the real thing and the lining will be different. Look at the lining and become familiar with the styles of the genuine item.
Look for a neatly imprinted “LV” symbol on the zipper pull, which should be made of high quality brass.
There should be a card with the ID and style number along with the name inside the bag.
The handle stitching should be consistent. It should also have yellow threads.
Tha handles should also be made of one piece of leather. The leather in the handles should darken over time because they are not painted like the imitations.
If you paid less than $100 USD, you can be assured you bought a knock-off.
Before considering buying an imitation Louis Vuitton or any other designer bag, think of the following: Your purchase is helping the owners of sweat shops, many of which employ young children stay in business. Selling fake LV designer bags is illegal. So is buying them! You may not face jail time, but your new bag could be taken from you while going through customs on your way home or to your vacation destination. Speaking of vacations, if you are traveling though a country like China, Mexico orThailand, where mass manufacturing is a huge part of their industry, stay away from the temptation of buying a designer look-alike.

Following these simple rules will help keep you from buying a bag that is somehow “not quite right”, unless you are just searching for a cheap status symbol with no real worth that may fool a only a few people.

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