Making a Switch From Traditional IT Products and Services to Managed Services Platform

In early 2005, after nearly a decade as a traditional provider of IT products and services, Epic Technologies decided to move into the managed services realm.

However, they soon realized that, in order to make the shift successfully, they needed more than the technology platform they purchased from a managed services software vendor. They needed the vendor to deliver the business support it had agreed to provide.

“We didn’t make the culture changes we needed to make and didn’t get the consulting services that our previous vendor had promised,” says Don Viar, Managing Partner of the Tennessee-based company. “We quickly slipped into a model where we only converted existing customers to managed services and were focused entirely on monitoring alone.” After a  Cyber Security couple of years of stagnation in its managed offerings, Epic decided to start over and began looking for a stronger partner that had what it takes to help them become a successful managed services provider (MSP). “We wanted to figure out which technology application would give us the best return for our investment and provide us with the business and sales support we needed,” says Viar.

Epic reviewed all of the available MSP platforms and chose N-able for its comprehensive and integrated approach to the technology, as well as its industry-leading business, marketing and sales support services that come free with the product. “N-able offered us a total solution that was stable and easy to deploy,” says Viar. “Since teaming with them, we’ve been able to promote services like guaranteed response time, staff augmentation and extension, data security and availability, preventative maintenance, and planning and IT services for our customers.” One of the keys to the Company’s successful shift to becoming an MSP, Viar says, was the strong training and support offered by N-able. “The consulting process is excellent. The N-able University was the start of a major shift for us in terms of thinking through the business case, the needs of the client and how we would create value propositions for our services.” Now, using N-central network and system management software, the MSP provides a four-tier Proactive Assurance Service which includes the Alert Plan, the Prevent Plan, the Manage Plan and the fixed-fee Partner Plan.

“What’s great is that we’ve learned how to move our customers up the value chain to the level of service where they want and need to be,” says Viar, adding that his company now outsources its Tier One helpdesk and has since created its own network operations center which enables them to serve 500 to 600 percent more customers with just 15 engineers. “We are much more responsive to customers than we’ve ever been able to be.” To accelerate its success, Epic opted to specialize its services within verticals such as professional service organizations, including medical practices and law firms. Within the first few weeks of actively selling its new managed services offering, the company earned the business of six sizable customers, with many others on the horizon.

“By the end of the year, the current installed base will be over 400 desktops and and with new customers we could be in the low 600s,” says Viar, noting that he anticipates Company’s recurring service revenues will double over the next six months. “Today, we are approaching national companies about handling their IT services needs and pitching our services from the perspective that we can close about 95 percent of IT issues remotely and without any interruption to the network.”

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