Criticism of adventure tourism 2021

The analysis of experience the travel industry has various beginning stages. They range from the allegation of far and wide false naming and self-duplicity using daring jargon for experience, game, nature or social outings to analysis of the biological contamination of the climate by the significant distance venture out delivered to the flaw of harm to delicate normal scenes, important social landmarks and immaculate ones of native people groups by growing to mass the travel industry , which is searching for outlandish objections as far off as conceivable with experience the travel industry :

“Experience” safari in the Serengeti , theadventuretrip

The quickly growing experience the travel industry gets on the inactive requirement for phenomenal encounters, which ordinary work and recognizable environmental factors frequently not, at this point offer. The cutting edge bundle traveler is entranced by the expression “experience” which guarantees him this experience. Simultaneously, be that as it may, he would not like to forego helpful security and the standard solace. He needs the “protected” experience that doesn’t exist. The travel industry offers him what he needs, for instance an Antarctic outing on a protected, ice-safe voyage transport , completely cooled, with “all-round lighthearted protection cover”, agreeable salons, sauna, full board, occasion program, local escort and names it with an alluring mark ” Expedition ” or “Experience Travel”. It is pronounced as ” wild traveling ” or ” safari “, which after brief hunter perceptions from the protected rough terrain vehicle ought to rapidly end again noticeable all around adapted hotel , under the perfect shower, with a tasty full menu and in bug free white sheets. Indios or Papuans spruce up in their bast skirts, painted excitingly, before the traveler transport moves up. Also, the medication man positions himself before his cabin, which is encircled by skulls and chain of commands and hung with otherworldly images, to give outlandish pictures to the cameras.

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