Change Word to PDF – A Simple & Free Process

How to change a Word document into a PDF document for easy online reading and sharing and do it all at no cost to you.

One way to easily share documents online is to put those documents into a PDF format.

PDF lets anyone who has the free Adobe Reader program installed on their computer to read those documents.

You might wonder; why not just publish the Word document online instead of having to go through the process of turning it into a PDF document?

This is because Word documents online can be edited and, unfortunately, stolen by unsavory individuals who will then use them for their own purposes.

When you take that Word document and put it into PDF format, not only can you restrict copying of the text within the document but you can even password protect the document.

One way to do this conversion from Word to PDF for free is to use a free program called “Open Office” which you can find easily by doing a search in Google for “Open Office”.

Open Office is a set of programs much like Microsoft Office only Open Office is free of charge.

Once you’re at the Open Office site, download the program. Be forewarned however that it is a pretty large download.

Once the program has been downloaded, open the program entitled “Writer”; which is very similar to the Word program you may be used to working with.

Once you have Writer open, simply open up the Word document you want to convert to PDF and then Writer will load it for you.

Next, simply choose File and then Export to PDF. From here you can choose a variety of options regarding your document such as adding a password to open the document, restricting printing or even copying of the contents and more.

Once you’re happy with your choices, click the “Export” button and your PDF will be created for you instantly and at no charge to you.

One of the reasons I like Open Office’s program to create PDF’s so well is because it’s the only program I’ve found that will also convert your table of contents of the Word document into links themselves. Most other programs I’ve found will charge you a hefty fee to accomplish this task.

Converting a Word document to a PDF file doesn’t have to require expensive software and because so many people already have the Adobe Reader program installed on their computers, it makes for easy online reading.

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