Recycled Plastic Decking Vs Wooden Decks

When a homeowner wants to put a deck at the back of their property, they may consider various options. A wooden deck will offer the homeowner some advantages and disadvantages. Recycled Plastic Decking is a new option that is showing to be a very popular choice for many residences.

Recycled Plastic Decking is easy to set up. It comes in a kit and can be hooked together in a few easy steps. There are different styles that a kit can come in, helping a person create their own unique deck shape and style. A deck that comes in a kit, will be easier to put together than a wooden one. There is no need to saw a plastic deck and there are no nails to push through the wood.

One of the key features of Recycled Plastic Lumber Decking is that the materials are recycled. In a wooden deck, the wood comes from trees that are chopped down. A plastic deck made from recycled material is actually helping the environment in two ways. The first way is by not chopping down any trees, and the second way is by making use of recycled matter.

With a wooden deck, a person will need to treat the wood every year for rain and snow damage. The treatment involves a day full of painting and brushing on of the wood stain. With a plastic deck, there is no need to treat it for water damage because it does not have any pores to allow water to get inside. Recycled Plastic Decking is made to last with no need to treat it at all.

The colours of these Recycled Plastic Decking options, is endless. There are many different colours and shades that these plastic kits can come in. When someone can pick the colours of their deck, it can help them customize the look into something that is really impressive.

Recycled Plastic Decking also will not cause splinters to get into the skin. The lack of wood splinters on the hand and feet, can make it extra safe for pets and kids.

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