Murphy Bed Plans – Mighty-Morphing Murphy Bed Woodworking Made Easy

If you are living in a studio apartment, or anyplace where living places are not at all spacious, a Murphy bed will be a good addition to your place. Even medium sized houses with a good number of inhabitants could use a Murphy bed for the sleepovers and guests. These beds are the kind that you can lower from the wall during sleep-time, and raised during the day for a more spacious room.

Now, while the whole project may seem intimidating, (considering that it is a literally big project and that it also involves the installation of a mechanism that would allow the bed to be raised and lowered), it is certainly doable, especially with the help of good Murphy bed plans. Here are the things you should consider when choosing a Murphy bed plan.


Your Murphy bed should be durable. Do not use inferior materials especially for the frame and the special mechanism that would allow your bed to be lowered for use or raised for storage.


A good plan should give you various design options not only for the entire installation but also for the bed’s other side. Some plans include desks, shelving or book cases on both sides and some feature decorative paneling for the bed’s other side – the side which would be exposed to view when the bed is not in use. A good plan should allow for customization, at least in terms of style.

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