German Translation Textbook Review – “Reading Knowledge in German” by Mary & Hans-Peter Apelt

Do you have to pass an art history German exam? And you’re looking for a book that is actually all about History and art history? Read on to find out the scoop on one that fits the bill but unfortunately out of print.

Fortunately, you can still get a copy if you look hard enough. It won’t be cheap though.

“Reading Knowledge in German” by Mary L. and Hans-Peter Apelt

In some ways, it is very much like the German for Reading Knowledge by Jannach book, which is, more specifically, “German for Reading Knowledge” by

Hubert Jannach and Richard Alan Korb, and which is also by far my favorite book.

Still, there are very similar — one of them must have gotten the concept from the other one. Or maybe it’s just that it’s really the best format for the task at hand.

The Apelt book has a huge plus: it’s primarily about history and art history. So you will get your words just by working with this book.

It also has a big drawback:

It is FAR skimpier than the Jannach book on explanations, and it also doesn’t give you nearly as much help with the more challenging areas, including that infamous Extended Adjective Construction.

In fact, it has just one single chapter on that topic, while the Jannach book devotes multiple chapters to it, as well it should.

So if you can round up a copy, it’s a terrific book to have, and I highly recommend that you use it for additional practice and to get more familiar with the vocabulary. But I’d definitely also get the Jannach book and use that as the main workbook.


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