Greeley House (Chappaqua, New York)

The Greeley House is situated at King (New York State Route 120) and Senter roads in midtown Chappaqua, New York, United States. It was worked around 1820 and filled in as the home of paper manager and later official up-and-comer Horace Greeley from 1864 to his demise in 1872. In 1979 it was recorded on the National Register of Historic Places alongside a few different properties close by identified with Greeley and his family.[1]  cbddy

Underlying the 1820s as a normal little farmhouse, it was extended during the nineteenth century. Greeley, manager of the New-York Tribune, gotten comfortable Chappaqua right away before the Civil War during the nineteenth century, living there with his family principally throughout the late spring. After a crowd of residents restricted to Greeley’s abolitionist article position compromised his better half at their prior “House in the Woods,” Greeley purchased the farmhouse and moved his family there, close to the hundred sections of land (40 ha) where he ran a little homestead and rehearsed test rural strategies.

After the war, Greeley constructed a chateau called “Slope House” to live in, yet passed on alongside his significant other soon after the 1872 official political decision, where he ran on the Liberal Republican line against officeholder Ulysses S. Award, so his youngsters lived there all things being equal, spearheading the rural way of life that was later to characterize Chappaqua and its adjoining networks. Both of Greeley’s different houses torched later in the nineteenth century, going out the only one extant.[2]

It, as well, was nearly wrecked subsequent to falling into genuine disregard in the mid-twentieth century. After its rebuilding in 1940, it was utilized as a café and blessing shop. Following another rebuilding exertion in the mid 21st century, it is presently the workplaces of the New Castle Historical Society. HOUSE IS SEPARATE COMPartment and now available …

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