Semi Automatic Espresso Machine – 3 Things to Consider When Looking for Your Ideal Coffee Maker

Semi automatic espresso machines are just among the several types of espresso makers currently available in the market, whether for home or commercial use. First time buyers need to learn about the basic features that you need to look for to ensure value for your money and efficiency when using your espresso maker.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machine – Consumers’ Traditional Choice

There are four types of espresso coffee makers in the market today, which are manual, semi automatic, automatic, and super automatic. Of all these four, the semi automatic espresso machines are the more common choices amongst consumers. One reason for this is that this type of espresso maker keeps all functions automated while still allowing you to remain full control of the brewing process.

It is you who decides when to activate the pump or when to shut it off, such that you can properly gauge the amount of water that goes into every shot of espresso. Using an automatic coffee makers espresso machines might be convenient but it might not be as precise as when human intervention is involved.

There are a few notable brands that are considered to deliver the best quality of espresso today. For instance, the Rancillo espresso machines is a great value with a price tag of under $1000 for its durability and quality of brewing. Gaggia espresso machines, on the other hand, is great for those looking for something affordable yet well known for its brewing process that is of near commercial quality.

1. Portafilter

This is an important feature you must look into when choosing semi automatic espresso machines to purchase. After all, this is where you place the coffee ready for brewing. Aside from the quality of the coffee itself, the design of your espresso maker’s portafilter will largely impact the end result of your espresso.

You can choose between commercial style and pressurized style portafilters. Commercial portafilters offer a large surface area to extract the espresso and utilizes grind and tamp pressure such that resistance is produced during water flow. Meanwhile, pressurized styles of portafilter is independent of the grind fineness as it creates resistance all by itself.


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