Tyre Guide For Tyre Types

There are so many different types of tyres that the choice can be a difficult one. The biggest focus for UK tyres over the last couple of years has been winter tyres, with Audi and some of the other big brand car manufacturers doing their own marketing to show the value of winter tyres. There are also different types of 4×4 tyres as this market has changed over the years towards premium four wheel drive cars.

Winter tyres are not what most people think they are. They are not wrapped in snow chains and can actually be used all year round, although they perform better in the wet. The main difference with winter tyres is the temperatures that they work best in are sub 7 degrees. Over the last few years we have seen snowy conditions bring the UK to a standstill. With our airports terminating flights and some people stuck on motorways over night. The government are generally criticised for the lack of preparation. Although it is difficult to prepare for something that you may only have a few days notice of! With budgets being stretched in all directions they can not afford to invest in the few days of snow that we get a year. So can we do more ourselves to prepare for these winter conditions? You can have winter tyres fitted to another set of wheels or it is recommended if you can not afford to buy both sets of tyres to have the winter tyres fitted for all year use.

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