Beating Diabetes Mellitus Type

Every day we are hearing about people being diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, our friends, family and those close to our heart. So what is Diabetes and what is the cause?

What is Diabetes Mellitus Type II:

With Type 2 diabetes, the illness and symptoms tend to develop gradually (over weeks or months). This is because in Type 2 diabetes you still make insulin (unlike Type 1 diabetes). However, you develop diabetes because:


    • you do not make enough insulin for your body’s needs, OR


    • the cells in your body do not use insulin properly. This is called ‘insulin resistance’. The cells in your body become resistant to normal levels of insulin. So, you need more insulin than you normally make to keep the blood glucose level down, OR


  • a combination of the above two reasons.


Type 2 diabetes used to be known as maturity onset, or Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes. It develops mainly in people older than 40 (but sometimes occurs in younger people). In the UK about 3 in 100 people aged over 40, and about 10 in 100 people aged over 65, have Type 2 diabetes. It is more common in people who are overweight or obese. It also tends to run in families. It is also more common in South Asian and African-Caribbean people (often developing before the age of 40 in this group).

The most common symptoms of Diabetes Type II:


  • Being excessive thirsty
  • Passing large amounts of urine
  • Tiredness
  • Weight loss


My story:

About 3 weeks ago my mom suddenly started becoming very sick. She had excessive sweating, running tummy, had shivers during the hot days and were having night sweats during the cold nights. During the day she had terrible headaches, was extremely weak and very tired and wished she could die…

With not having a medical aid, going to see a private doctor would be very expensive and going to the state facility will take ages… you might have the privilege of dying before seeing a doctor.

Finally we managed to scrape the money together and took her to see a medical doctor… what if it was serious?

Diabetes Mellitus Type II… we should have guessed. See… my grandfather died of Diabetes when I was about 5 years old, thus there was a possibility that it would show up again, but with her brother dying just 4 years ago of a heart attack in his late thirties… we couldn’t take chances.

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