Own Only the Best Music Albums and Movies

iTunes store is a huge pool of digital media entertainment, where everything is nicely organized. If you have the chance to win free iTunes codes, you should take that survey or quiz because the codes will allow you to download just about anything that you want from the store, for free.

iTunes store also offers you a chart section, where you can catch a glimpse of the most often downloaded music or movie files, or even games and applications. The charts are nicely categorized into:

• Songs – Here you will see which are the most wanted tracks of the day/ week – just to give you a teaser, at the moment, you can see on number one a wonderful song from pop legend Britney Spears in a duet with pop star Rihanna. The songs chart list contains the best 100 songs of our times. In case you have no idea what to listen to, from this chart you will definitely get some nice suggestions.

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