Mobile Broadband Vs, Fixed Line Broadband For Homes: Which Is Best For Me?

Internet at homes is not considered as a luxury or additional expense anymore. As a matter of fact, it has become a necessity due to various reasons. Let us first look at some of the main reasons why we need internet connections at homes. That will give you a very good idea about, why internet connection has become a basic necessity of today.

Some of the reasons are:


  • For making and receiving free internet calls through mobile and web apps
  • For sending and receiving unlimited text messages
  • For watching movies and music
  • For connecting with friends, family members, business associates, etc through social media websites.
  • For finding and sharing information
  • For educational purposes, or for joining online certification courses
  • To keep in touch with the breaking news
  • To check out the reviews on latest movies
  • To work from home, and for marketing your business online

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