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The Octopus card was initially presented for charge installment on the MTR;[18] notwithstanding, the utilization of the card immediately extended to other retail organizations in Hong Kong.[19] The card is currently regularly utilized in most open vehicle, drive-thru eateries, markets, candy machines, general stores, photograph stalls, leaving meters, vehicle leaves and numerous different retails business where little installments are habitually made by customers.[20][21] With more than 33 million Octopus cards available for use starting at 2018, the Octopus card is utilized by 99 percent of Hongkongers.[1]  business articles

Prominent organizations that began tolerating Octopus cards at a beginning phase incorporate PARKnSHOP, Wellcome, Watsons, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Circle K.[22] As of 21 November 2004, all stopping meters in Hong Kong were changed over. They presently don’t acknowledge coins and Octopus turned into the lone type of installment accepted.[12]

Octopus cards additionally twofold as access control cards in structures and for school regulatory functions.[23][24] At certain places of business, private structures, and schools, utilization of an Octopus card is needed for entry.[25]


Octopus card peruser at a McDonald’s eatery in Hong Kong

Octopus card peruser of a self-installment booth at a McDonald’s café in Hong Kong

Making or recording an installment utilizing the card for public vehicle or buys at Octopus-empowered retailers should be possible by holding the card against or waving it over an Octopus card peruser from up to a couple of centimeters away. The peruser will recognize installment by transmitting a signal, and showing the sum deducted and the leftover equilibrium of the card.[26] Standard exchange time for perusers utilized for public vehicle is 0.3 seconds, while that of perusers utilized for retailers is 1 second.[27] When utilizing the MTR weighty rail framework, the passage purpose of workers is noted when a traveler enters, and the suitable sum dependent on distance voyaged will be deducted when the clients approve their cards again at the leave point.

The MTR normally charges less for ventures made utilizing an Octopus card rather than customary single-venture tickets. For instance, the grown-up toll of a solitary excursion from Chai Wan to Tung Chung is HK$25.7 with an Octopus card, and HK$28.5 with a solitary excursion ticket.[28] Other public vehicle administrators likewise offer irregular limits for utilizing Octopus cards on higher charges and full circle travels on select routes.[29]

On 6 November 2005, Octopus Cards Limited dispatched Octopus Rewards, a program that permits cardholders to procure prizes at vendors that are accomplices in the program. Taking an interest vendors furnish buyers with customized offers and privileges.[30] The prizes that the program offers are as focuses, or prize dollars, put away on the card. When a card is enrolled for the program, the cardholder may gather reward focuses by making buys at taking an interest dealers, and installments might be made as money, Visas, or Octopus cards themselves.[31] The rate at which prize focuses are acquired per dollar-sum buy contrasts by the shipper at which that the buys are made. At Wellcome, for instance, one point is procured for each acquisition of HK$200;[32] and at Watsons, focuses are acquired at a pace of 0.5 percent per dollar measure of a purchase.[33] Once these prize dollars are gathered, they might be reclaimed as installment for buys at accomplice dealers for in any event HK$1 per reward dollar. To recover the amassed reward dollars, cardholders should utilize the whole worth sum in entire, and may not choose for use it halfway. On the off chance that the price tag is lower than the measure of remuneration dollars accessible, the sum contrast remains put away on the card.[34] Founding accomplices for the Octopus Rewards program incorporate HSBC, UA Cinemas and Wellcome.[35]

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