How to Become a First-Class Medical Coder?

Medical coding is a job for intelligent readers. Doctors forward the diagnosis and treatment details to the medical billing service companies. Medical coding staff interprets those healthcare jargons, for instance, the names of diseases and assign them medical codes according to a universally accepted coding system. The billers send those claims with codes to the insurance companies for reimbursements. A claim might end up in acceptance or denial depending on the accuracy of the bill.


  1. High School is the Basic Requirement. There are no extraordinary requirements for this field. You need to pass high school and courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and computer skills aid in your studies as medical coders. An understanding of medical terminologies and anatomy can make things much easier.
  2. College Degree is better than an Associate Degree. Although it is not essential, a degree in healthcare administration opens up newer avenues. You can land a better job. An associate degree lasts for 2 years while a bachelor degree takes 4 years. A bachelor’s degree provides better chances of growth as a medical coder.
  3. Choosing a School Affiliated with AHIMA or AAPC. You must choose a school that is recognized by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) or the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). It means they trust that particular college or school. The two bodies are authentic sources of medical billing & coding knowledge. Classes may require you to be physically or virtually present or both.


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