Mars Surface Exploration and AFF

As we study more and more about Mars we know there is life. Unfortunately in many regions of the planet it is not so evident. There is evidence of past water in abundance and perhaps some ground water under the surface; this is where we will find life. I propose using some Earth based technologies, which are over a decade old to map mars at a much more personal level. I propose using satellites and Automated Satellite Following Systems, which will control the paths of five or more UAVs in a swarm and grid pattern.

Much work is being done and the USAF has implemented systems to fly UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in ah hoc formations like swarms of insects or flock of birds. We cannot quite match evolution and bird flock formations but we are on our way. I propose keeping this task of swarming UAVs simple. I propose having every fifth UAV flown semi-tele-robotically sending information to the satellite. Due to the delay of time to get information back to Earth we will need to work on a 5-minute delay so the Uavs may need to have additional satellites flying or be able to stay aloft for many hours at a time on their own following each other spaced out by a width distance. All other UAVs will be controlled through that data and by satellite in grid formations every half to three miles or more following longitudinal or latitudinal paths. All data will be collected by the larger control UAV, which is tele-robotically flown from Earth or an orbiting satellite space station balloon system. This queen bee, or swarm commander will interpret data and send in relevant data to the command and control tele-robotic augments simulator pilot. Each drone UAV will fly its line on the grid using an offset AFF.

The Aerial Fire Fighting Industry uses a system called AFF Automated Flight Following System. It works from a satellite. We can now have many aerial unmanned vehicles fly in swarms keying of one in five, ten or even a hundred aircraft. Some of this technology is being tested now and it is time we take these concepts to the Middle East battlespace; the “Sandbox.”

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