Using Your Mind Instead of Your Mind Using You in Difficult Times

During difficult times our mind can either evolve us to a higher level or it defeats us. We have to learn how to preside over our mind or we become victims of how we were conditioned in the past. When you accept the power you naturally have, you will never be a victim to your past conditioning.

Think about this thought for a moment. Your body responds to the thoughts and images in your mind. Every person has changed their mind in the past and has learned that changed their way of looking at the world. Imagine a young child, David rushing home on his birthday. He is excited because birthdays were important in his family and this was a big one for him: He was going to be ten years old.

After running home from school, he opens the front door expecting his family’s love, but what he finds is an empty room with the TV running and no body home. He goes into another room and found nobody home. He was disappointed, thinking that they all forgot his special day. He sits down feeling rejected and then all of a sudden, the door to a room they never used opens and his entire family comes out singing Happy Birthday.

Instantly his rejected outlook changed and his heart filled with joy. His body received different messages from his mind. He unknowingly just learned an important lesson about life: The thoughts in your mind create your body’s experience. So why can’t we use that principle to change depressing times in our life?

The only way we change is when we change what we identify with. So if we exclusively focus on the issues before us, we may miss the issues within us that determine if we change.

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