Exiled to Nilodnog

“Let him be called ‘The Blue Prince,’ for that name his father chose during the great war of Lihterb, ere, war came between the old King Rout, and the South, the two brothers known as Goth and Magoth. During this war, Prince Scro of Nilodnog was visiting King Rout, and the war was not doing well for the north, between the two kingdoms, the south against the north of Lihterb. And King Rout begged the prince to take his boy of thirteen, to his hidden kingdom, the hidden island of Nilodnog, and care for him as he would, for he knew when he lost the war, Roth would kill all royalty, all links to the throne of the northern kingdom.

And the Prince of Nilodnog pitied the dying king, Rout, and he and his soldiers, with the boy escaped out of the Great City, to the Great Sea, and sailed into the mist, and the boy would be raised accordingly. And he dwelled there as the southern kingdom fought and took the north, and King Rout lay down and died. Prince Scro, twenty-five at the time, brought the boy into his island kingdom, and he had a fair face, and broad shoulders, and was skilled at this young age in warfare, and strong, and slightly tall, valiant he was, and proud.

Ere, the young prince pronounced ruin for the king of the north, King Roth.

In the passing of years the life of this new king, without a throne remained a mystery to the kingdom of the north, almost legendary. And many in their hearts waited for his return, for Roth ruled with an iron hand, and cold heart. And the two brothers fought one another with words for the right to rule as one king over both lands, neither one willing to give an inch.

The Gate to Nilodnog

During these days, the Blue Prince lived on this hidden island some 900-miles from the mainland; there was a river that led into the belly of the Great Island from the sea. Should the High King of Lihterb ever find a way through the fog to the island, it would be his pleasure to take that island’s throne. On the other hand, it was the wish of the Blue Prince to dethrone Roth, and take his rightful place on the throne, yet he was now but nineteen years of age.

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